Beri's medical fundraiser

Beri's major surgery fundraiser

Beri had a very challenging start to life and now he needs your help to get the major surgery that he needs, the goal is $10,000 and we can't get there without your help.

Beri and his five siblings (and one young adult doggie!) joined the SAYv Family from a horrrrrrible situation in Joliet IL. The puppies all had horrible bite wounds all over them, abscesses, and several other injuries. Three of the puppies had to be hospitalized for over a week for parvo.

While all of his siblings made a full recovery, Beri is still suffering from the trauma he faced... he cannot open his jaw.

It had increasingly gotten worse over several months to the point that it was essentially closed. The only reason that Beri can eat and drink is because one of his many deformities is a massive overbite.

It's suspected that one of the bite wounds he suffered as a baby led to severe nerve damage, ultimately locking his jaw. It took us quite a while to get to this assumption - many appointments and tests... and a lot of money.

Beri's options were exhausted locally, and his amazing vet friends over at Oswego Animal Hospital recommended that he see a specialist and get a CT scan. He got that scan, and now we know that he needs a two-part surgery.

1. Beri is unable to open his mouth (trismus) due to a bony fusion between the left upper and lower jaw
2. Beri has an overbite and "wry bite" - wry bite occurs when one side of the head grows more than the other side. His lower jaw is shorter than normal and it is not symmetrical - likely due to congenital issues and secondary trauma. Because of these issues, the right lower canine tooth is impinging the roof of the mouth
3. Temporal muscle atrophy
4. A severely fractured scull from the trauma that he suffered as a baby (dog bite wounds)

The first step is to remove the left temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the bony fusion outside the TMJ to regain the range of motion of the jaws. Beri will need to stay in the critical care unit (CCU) for at least one night for pain management and monitoring.

After Beri recovers from first procedure, the second surgery, ideally one month apart, to address the teeth will be performed. At this surgery, the deformed left lower teeth will be extracted and the right lower canine will be treated with crown reduction (reduce the height of the tooth crown) and vital pulp therapy.

The vet has said that "These surgeries need to be done as early as possible as the function of mastication will deteriorate rapidly."

PLEASE consider donating to support poor little Beri :(

He really needs your help.

ANY amount makes a difference - $5, $10, $15.

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