Love stinks... and so does your ex!

Love stinks... and so does your ex!

We have a purrrrfectly unique (and hilarious) way to channel those post-breakup blues into something positive! For just $10, you can contribute to SAYv Animal Org and help support homeless animals in your community, all while giving your ex a playful, lighthearted send-off.


Make a $10 donation using this form. Make sure to include your ex’s name on the “Donation notes” field in the form so we know whose name to write :) Don't worry, these names won't be shared publicly.

Throughout the week our dedicated team at SAYv will write your ex's name on a piece of paper. But we're not stopping there – we're taking the therapeutic approach of letting our feline friends at the PetSmart store in Geneva have the final say.

We'll discreetly place the paper in our designated litter boxes at PetSmart, where our discerning cats will take over the rest. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that your ex's name is being "processed" by our adorable feline team members. It's a quirky and amusing way to bid farewell to the past while contributing to a cause close to our hearts.

Your donation not only provides a laugh for you but also supports the well-being of animals in need. SAYv Animal Organization is committed to positively impacting our furry friends' lives by providing them with the care and love they deserve.

So, why not turn those breakup woes into something that benefits both you and our four-legged companions? Donate $10 to the "Love stinks...and so does your ex" fundraiser and let the cats at PetSmart in Geneva handle the rest – because sometimes, the best revenge is leaving it to the whiskers!

Not interested in throwing shade at your ex? That’s all good! You can still donate $10 and make one of our adoptable animals your Valentine <3

All funds raised will support homeless animals in your community, and we are beyond grateful for your support.